Signature Thai Massage

Signature Thai Massage

The Signature Thai Massage treatment offers a unique combination of massage, acupressure, and yoga stretching, skillfully delivered by our therapists. Conducted on our specially crafted solid wood therapy tables, this massage utilizes the hands, elbows, arms, knees, and feet of our therapists to enhance blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness, and alleviate tension.

Drawing inspiration from yoga practices, our clients are guided through a series of positions designed to stretch muscles, nerves, and tendons, effectively reducing aches and pains. Additionally, a deep tissue oil massage is incorporated to ensure a comprehensive and invigorating experience for all clients.

Following your massage, we highly recommend thorough rehydration and a warm bath to promote complete muscle relaxation. It is normal to feel a sense of drowsiness after the massage as toxins are released from the bloodstream.

The primary objective of this massage is to relieve stress and tension that may accumulate throughout your day or over extended periods. The deep tissue component specifically targets knots and back tension often caused by prolonged desk sitting or poor posture.

To maintain muscle flexibility and prevent the tightening of nerves and muscles in your head, neck, and shoulders, we recommend regular sessions of traditional Thai massage therapy.

Experience the transformative effects of our Signature Thai Massage, allowing your body to unwind, rejuvenate, and restore its natural balance.

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What Clients Say

Manchester Beauty and Spa is an absolute gem! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The atmosphere is so serene and inviting – it's like stepping into a world of pure relaxation. I recently had a revitalizing facial that left my skin glowing for days. I can't recommend this place enough! If you're looking for a haven of tranquility and expert care, Manchester Beauty and Spa is the place to be.
Sarah M
I'm a regular at Manchester Beauty and Spa, and each time I go, it's a journey of bliss. The treatments are a harmonious blend of luxury and affordability. The massages are expertly performed, melting away all my tension, and the facials leave me glowing like a Hollywood star. If you're looking to feel pampered without the hefty price tag, this is the place to be. My self-care routine just got a major upgrade!"
Katie C